Barnsley vs Ipswich

So I like to say that I’m something of a Barnsley fan (as a subsidiary to my United allegiances of course), but I’ve not seen more than highlights all season. They’re currently on a 4-match winning streak and have climbed uncharacteristically into playoff contention at 8th - although, even 17th is usually playoff contention in the Championship, it’s a mentally socialist league.

Now that they’re on Sky Sports hammering Ipswich I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed. Butterfield’s a bit sloppier than I expected and a┬ábit too Kieran Richardson for my liking, but that’s ok because he’s surrounded by other genuinely fantastic ball players. Vaz Te and Craig Davies are in stunning form, and Drinkwater and Perkins look like brilliant mainstays.

Drinkwater for next Cleverley?

Sorry, did I just clog up the dashboards of my followers (85% of whom are unnaturally obsessed with Beyonce, Gaga and Britney) with a post about Barnsley FC?


Edit: ah shit. I wrote that when Barnsley were 2-0 up at half-time. Ipswich just scored twice in the first three minutes of the second half

Edit again: fuck me, it’s now 4-2 to Ipswich. Biggest capitulation I’ve ever seen.

Final edit: finished 5-3 to Ipswich. Never seen a game quite like it.

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